Cat Photographer Melbourne

How could anyone ignore those beautiful eyes !  As the Cat photographer Melbourne, its great to show both young and mature felines.

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Cat Photography is our forte, and don’t mind if your cat is a young playful kitten like this chap, or a mature and graceful feline.  We also don’t mind if they are Pedigree or Moggies – we love photographing them all.  We particularly adore the opportunity to portray their unique personalities in their home setting.  Sitting down with them patiently and being very gentle is how we relax and charm them.  It is with time that we can achieve the right results.  Lets face it .. every cat is different.  Some are calm, some are playful .. some are gentle, and some are (very) fast!  Whatever their personality, we aim to capture all their cheekiness and confidence in a way that you will recognise and appreciate.  We do a lot of work with cat ‘staff’ (owners) and foster carers as well.

We also have a dedicated Cat Photography site that is packed with Art Photography and interesting articles about our feline friends.

So phone Vanessa on 9562 5003 to arrange your photography session.

Cheers, Vanessa

Cat Photographer Melbourne