Cat Photography with the family

Here is a special session of cat photography with the family!

This is “Fidget” – Fidget by name and fidget by nature.  From the moment we met this cheeky ‘moggie’, we were hooked.

Now almost three years old, Fidget is still very much the lively kitten, who lives with two guinea pigs named Nibbles and Vegemite.  He was adopted into a very loving household, when only a cute little three months old.  Daniel named him ‘Fidget’ as he had his nose into everything from the very beginning!  Sometimes relaxed, looking like he can sleep for Australia, he suddenly sprints ‘out of the blocks’ like an Olympic athlete, climbing trees, catching flies, gazing skywards and chasing butterflies.
When his family scoop him up for a cuddle, Fidget loves nothing more than turning around and instantly bending back until his head is upside down.  He stretches himself as if he has a spring in his back.

Often the family ‘clown’, he will think nothing of lying on a keyboard, jumping onto the ironing board, jumping down, jumping up again … or bringing in a long-dead rat … (ermmm yuck!).  The ironing board in particular, has been quite an obsession of his recently – a great way to get attention and prevent any ironing occurring.

During the peace of night, Fidget occasionally decides it’s time to party, tapping and scratching on the floor outside the bedrooms.  By day, he has been known to stare down at the world from the kitchen roof and on the beautiful warm spring day we were there, he climbed into the blossom tree branches, just because … well he could!

Undoubtedly a ‘mummy’s boy’ he likes nothing more than a smidgeon of ham.  This is much better tasting than tuna, apparently!  Talking of food, Fidget prefers snoozing outside on top of the Weber BBQ, especially when its time to barbie everyone’s dinner!

Keeping cool in summer is simple – just creep under the house and snooze in the shade.  In winter, those floor heating vents (in the floor) sure make him feel toasty.

Being ticked under the chin is guaranteed to keep Fidget less … well fidgety, as does sleeping on Mum’s shoulder under the doona – the cheek of it!  Almost like the Rum Tum Tigger in the show ‘cats’, Fidget is the centre of attention at all times.

We hope this cat photography shows him at his very best.   Enjoy!

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Cheers, Vanessa

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