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“Creating images of you with your loved ones – and designing Beautiful custom artwork for your home”

We have a beautiful range of portrait products.  Here are a few ideas for displaying your precious images in your home forever.  We will guide you to making choices that are right for your family, and the home that you have created …

Framed Wall Art 

Our Beautiful Framed Wall Art is presented ready to hang in your home.  Our  Professional highly-archival photographic prints, are lasered onto Kodak ‘Endura’ paper which is then processed using an environmentally-friendly chemical process.  Safety Glass ensures your precious memories will be forever preserved, removing risk of damage, dust or fading.   The mounting Foamboard used for the surrounding matting is formed in a special type of Clay, so that – even after a lifetime; it will not warp, fade  or discolour.  The frame is finished with a professional ‘framers seal’ that resists moisture, dust and insect damage.  Fine details such as felt bumpers eliminate any chance of marking your walls, when hung on the incredibly strong ‘softstrand’ wire

This is still one of the most popular means of presenting our professionally retouched images.  As you can see, our Framed pieces suit the widest range of lifestyle and home-fashion choices

Our Custom Framed Wall Art ranges from $290 to $2,090 depending on size

Stretched Canvas

Authentically Stretched Canvas is presented all ready to hang in your home. Designed to last a lifetime, these hand-made art-pieces present your precious photographs with a wonderful ‘textured’ quality, and a uniquely organic feel.  The naturally acid-free canvas base is specially coated to ensure a uniform quality across the Art Piece.  A luxuriously Satin finish protects your precious images from UV, fungus and moisture.  You can even lightly wipe the surface with a damp cleaning cloth!

Because it’s all about the image, these Canvases fit comfortably into the widest range of room decor and lighting situations.  You can even move them between rooms in your home – and they will continue to look stunning.  In fact, the texture they add literally ‘leaps’ off the wall, and provides a hidden ‘depth’ to your images

Our Custom Canvases range from $290 to $2,090 depending on size

Natural Wood Art 

Our Natural Wood Art carefully mounts your Photography creations onto a generously deep and ‘raw’ (20mm) dark-edged timber.  This style of art-piece is strong enough to resist day-to-day household moisture and humidity.  In-common with many of our clients, you may well agree that environmentally-sustainable Australian timber is the most authentic way to portray your most precious keepsakes.  The detailing is completed with a laser-routed groove on the back, to allow easy wall hanging.  This means that there is no need for a hidden-wire, resulting in the added benefit of removing any forward ‘lean’ that can cast a slight shadow line around your Art.  We also ensure that each wood-piece is finished with an non-reflective matte-laminate that is optically clear, but provides that additional layer of ‘knock and scratch’ protection, and a subtle soft finish

Suited to both Furry and Human family members alike, we are proud to be able to present your favourite images in a truly ‘organic’ medium.  You can see that Natural Timber looks particularly impressive for presenting a body of images, just like the collection shown above

Our Natural Wood Art ranges from $290 to $2,090 depending on size


In the 2020’s, Custom Storyboards have become the most fantastic way to display a collage of images within a single art-piece.  We capture and enhance your family images so that they compliment each other in close proximity.  Each and every image within a Storyboard is not only enhanced as an individual portrait, but then fine-tuned to co-ordinate with the others.  Vanessa takes painstaking care in ensuring that every part of your Storyboard is as ‘strong’ as the rest, so that when viewed as a whole, they bring you  back time and time again to look at the wonderful memories that are captured  between your family members.  Our Storyboards are crafted for  you as Framed Wall Art, or (if you prefer) presented on a Beautiful Stretched Canvas.  Either choice is an entirely personal decision, and will effectively protect your family keepsakes forever, making them stand out from the crowd

Very few clients leave our Studio without selecting at least one of these unique ‘family mosaics’, because each and every one of our client-families have their own story to tell

Our Custom Storyboards range from $990 to $2,290 depending on size

Art Prints

Timeless Art Prints are individually mounted in Beautiful white Mats, ready for framing in a widely-available size.  Every one of our Art Prints are individually enhanced for subtle colour adjustments, the removal of unwanted blemishes or distractions, as well has specially requested ‘tweaks’ that guarantee perfection!   Our Studio is often asked to produce these enlargement prints as Beautiful gifts for much-loved family members and friends.  This is why these Art Prints can also be a collection of images, with a specially crafted presentation box to protect them

Depending on the season or the mood, our clients tell us that they like to swap the Art Prints around from time to time.  It is this flexibility that helps keeps your home look fresh and contemporary, while keeping a smile on your face as you – and your friends; admire them .. over and over again!

Our Individually mounted Portraits range from $120 to $195

Custom-made Albums

Available with a wide choice of coverings

A great talking-point for your social gatherings, or simply a way of making you smile – every time they are opened

Our Custom-made Albums are painstakingly hand-made from start to finish, right here in Melbourne.  Albums offer the ultimate way to protect your images, and yet may them transportable enough so you an share them with family and friends and that special get-together.  Available in real Leather or Linen Book-Cloth, a wide range of sizes and pages are available, as well as our stunning Panoramic double-spread images for maximum impact.  We also offer the option of Matted edges to provide further protection from greasy finger marks as you share these images on your travels, or as friends or family come round to visit

Our Custom Albums start from $990 – depending on your preferred size and finish

Digital Collections

Digital Collections are in full high-resolution images for you to print in any medium you prefer.  Digital collections of your favourite chosen images are presented as ‘Digital Negatives’, plus one included Art Print

Our Digital Collections range from $590 to $2,490

And finally ..

All our portrait products that are shown here are made in Australia – often in Victoria.  This means that you can be assured of quality craftsmanship to present and protect your precious images forever

Just to let you know that we also have available our precious gift ideas for family photography vouchers

If You would like your family to be artfully portrayed by Melbourne’s best Family photographer, simply take advantage of our special offer to claim your own special photography session, and we will be in touch with you very shortly!

We look forward to photographing You and your wonderful family soon !

Cheers, Vanessa
Vanessa is a Full member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP)

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