Portrait Products

So you’ve had your family portrait session … here are a few ideas for displaying your precious images in your home:


Framed Wall Art ready to hang in your home.  This is still the most popular means of presenting our professionally retouched images, ensuring that your precious memories will be preserved safely, with minimal risk of damage, dust or fading.   Suits a range of lifestyle/home-fashion styles.

Stretched Canvas images ready to hang in your home, designed to last a lifetime, these hand-made art-pieces present your precious photographs with a wonderful ‘grain’ and ‘painting-like’ quality.  The texture they add literally ‘jumps’ off the wall, and provides a hidden ‘depth’ to your images, irrespective of the lighting or wall-type that is used to present them.

Collages are a fantastic way to display a collection of images within one art-piece.  A collection of family images will often work well together, and each image within our Collages is individually enhanced to co-ordinate with the others.  Vanessa takes painstaking care in ensuring that every part of your collage is as ‘strong’ as the rest, so that when viewed as a whole, they bring the viewer back time and time again to look (and re-look) at the wonderful memories that are captured  between your family members.  Our collages are either crafted as framed art-pieces, or instead in a block mount ‘Mural’ behind a 1cm solid resin ‘block’ that adds a modern and truly unique presentation that does not detract from your personalised family images, but effectively protects them and makes them stand out in a way that photographic paper cannot achieve on its own.

Art Prints are individually mounted in beautiful white matts, ready for framing in a standard frame.  Every one of our Art Prints are individually enhanced for subtle colour adjustments, removal of unwanted blemishes and distractions, as well has specially requested ‘tweaks’ that guarantee perfection!   Our Studio is often asked to produce these enlargement prints as beautiful gifts for much-loved family members and friends.

Custom-made Albums are painstakingly hand-made from start to finish, right here in Melbourne.  Albums offer the ultimate way to protect your images, and yet may them transportable enough so you an share them with family and friends.  Available in real Leather or Linen Bookcloth, a wide range of sizes and pages are available, as well as our stunning Panoramic double-spread images for maximum impact.  We also offer the option of Matted edges to provide further protection from greasy finger marks as you share these images on your travels, or as friends or family come round to visit.

Digital Collections are in full high resolution images with a licence for you to print in any form you prefer.

And finally, not just our Albums, but ALL our portrait products are made here in Australia, so you can be assured of quality craftsmanship to present and protect your precious images.

We also have available our precious gift ideas for family photography vouchers

If you would like your family to be artfully portrayed by Melbourne’s best Family photographer, simply take advantage of our special offer here to claim your own special photography session and we will be in touch with you!

We look forward to photographing you and your wonderful family soon !

Cheers, Vanessa
Vanessa is a Full member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP)

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