Melbourne Cat Photographer


Here’s a preview of “Zeke”, a rather handsome British Blue short hair.

For company, Zeke has a couple of  Staffordshire Terriers to share his home with – a 20 kilo Staffie called “Rocky”, and the other one named “Tonka”.  Zeke is definitely “top-dog ” with them :o)  In fact, he is “top-cat” and “top-dog” when it comes to the TV .. why ??… well..he waits for his ‘staff’ and his canine siblings to sit down and relax in front of their favourite movie, and then he rocks up in front of the Telly, sits there bolt upright, watching with them .. well, not so much with them, but in front of them – right in their line of vision.  We guess that makes Zeke a bit of a TV star ;o)

Now 5 years old, Zeke loves all types of chicken, which is just as well – because he would have chook for breakie, lunch and dinner if he could.  Cold winter nights mean Zeke sticks ‘like glue’ to the floor directly below the heating ducts.  “And for goodness sake, puurrrr-lease don’t try to brush my coat” Zeke told us,”I detest that pulling and tugging of my fur !!“.  On hot summer  days, Zeke rather sensibly lays on the cool kitchen tiles, and sprawls out like a Starfish… “Hey” .. says Zeke .. “did anyone mention fish ?”

More cat photography to follow over the next fortnight – please put your seatbelts on, for there are a lot of furry felines to come!

Cheers, Vanessa

Melbourne Cat Photographer