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Cat PhotographerCat PhotographerCat PhotographerCat PhotographerCat PhotographerMeet Notch!

Come on over and meet “Notch” everyone :o)

A beautiful black moggie, Notch  lives with his ‘sister’ “Trinity” the Chinchilla.  Trinity by the way, chose to maintain a remarkably  low-profile throughout our photography session, keeping a keen eye on proceedings from her ‘secret hiding place’ !

Notch’s human Mum and Dad have had the pleasure of Notch’s company since arriving from the Cat Recue Shelter about 2 years ago.   Those of you familiar with the ‘Minecraft’ game will recognise that Notch is named after one of the key game creators.

Notch is always adventurous, frequently to be found walking along the family piano, playing scales and octaves as he goes.  That’s what you get for not putting the piano lid down I guess?!  Not just adventurous, Notch is also a born comedian.  He is obsessed with jumping into Bags – luggage, shopping bags, crisp packets, you name it!   When a bag can’t be found, a simple cardboard box or washing basket will do!

Occasionally his adventures lead to temporary clumsiness, falling off random objects such as his (very) impressive scratching post!  Having said that, his co-ordination has improved since he was kitten!  Notch is particularly special as he helped his folks get over the loss of a previous cat.  He is rewarded for good behaviour by a play session with elastic toy-spider (at least I hope it was a toy 😮 )  He also loves to snooze on his favourite blankets, which MUST be correct way around – i.e. lying upside-down  – make sense?!   Failing a blanket, freshly folded clothing is a purrfectly suitable alternative – especially when there are warm patches of sunshine to snooze in.

By the way, don’t try tummy tickles on Notch – he detests them !!

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Cat Photography Mooroolbark

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