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Greetings fellow cat lovers, it’s time to welcome Zeus & Amigo :o)

Zeus is a moggy with a a beautiful black and white coat.  He arrived into his family’s world as an 8 year old kitten on New Years Eve 2011, so is now almost 2 years old.  There will be no forgetting Zeus’s anniversary that’s for sure!  Originally, Zeus was a little ‘clingy’, so his kitty partner  Amigo (the Marmalade one) was introduced to keep Zeus company.  Zeus is infatuated with water .. well, let me clarify, infatuated with watching water, but he hates to get his coat wet .. and who doesn’t !!

Often found waiting at the window the whole time his folks are out, Zeus  sleeps a lot (again, show me a cat that doesn’t!).  Shortly after I arrived for their photography session, Zeus jumped up to a high spot on his favourite play/scatching post tower, and stayed there for the rest of the session!    His new scratching post was originally for younger Amigo, but Zeus has really taken to it, especially the highest level so he can look down on his folks whilst napping.  Trust me, I saw this for myself :oD   He does not hesitate to jump up and grab take-away food off the counter top, and even tried to help himself to the treats we had handy during the photography session.  He had absolutely no problem climbing the bookshelf, to the precise spot where the treats were!

Amigo joined the family in June 2012.  He arrived as a stray kitten at the time, and is now past his first birthday.  Obsessed with cheese (I thought this was a CAT session?!), Amigo will try to steal any food if possible – hhmmm like Zeus then .. but I digress .. Amigo is very chatty to ‘Mum’ and is more active than Zeus, purring loudly throughout the day and night.  He is a rather clever cat & knows how to get attention.  He absolutely craves attention! Like Zeus, he also likes water, but also doesn’t mind getting wet, so water can never be used in training Amigo!

Like typical sibblngs, both Zeus and Amigo like to play fight before snuggling up together. Before ‘Mum’ baby-daughter arrived,  Zeus used to ‘box’ mum, tapping her gently around the face, to wake her up in the morning.  Meanwhile, Amigo practiced somewhat more subtle (although no less effective) purring around mum’s pillow to wake her up in the morning.

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Cheers, Vanessa

Cat Photography Kew East

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