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Wowee!  “Alaska” is a rather elegant silver tabby British short-hair.  She has a beautifully ‘stocky’ build and facial features –absolutely true to the breed.

As we know, the ‘British’ is a popular entrant to cat shows due primarily to its very dense but luxuriously ‘velvety’ coat.  Having those tabby undertones means that we are naturally drawn to study their markings from the moment we see them, and Alaska was no exception – what an absolute stunner!  That characteristic British ‘broad stockiness’ is there in her chest, with those matching rounded face and paws.

She originally came in from Albany in south-west WA, and made the trip over to her new home here in Melbourne a while ago.  She blended in quickly to her new home with a ‘complimentary’ British Blue cat, and two dogs.

Although she undoubtedly wears the ‘top cat’ badge with pride, Alaska is happy to drop this mantra regularly and share her bed with all other fur-family members, in the name of domestic peace.

As we can see from these photographs, she is an elegant feline who does particularly well in cat shows, and even purrs ‘on-demand’ for the judges :o)  When out of the public view however, things become more eventful.  Alaska loves nothing more than playing in cardboard boxes.  She is also rather partial to ‘leap, rough & tumble’ on old newspapers too.

Her favourite treats are a combination of dry chicken & marlin fish – very healthy!

Come the festive season, Alaska requires no encouragement to ‘help’ put up the Christmas decorations by jumping right in and burying herself in sparkly tinsel. Perhaps she wants to be picked up and placed on top of the tree, and be centre stage as the Christmas Fairy :o)

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Cat Photography – Alaska

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