How does a Family Photography Session work?

How does a Family Photography Session work?

Well, a family photography session is a great excuse to get your loved ones together.  It allows us to portray you all doing what normally comes very naturally.  After all, we’re sure that your family love interacting and having fun with each other.  Even better, we will be doing all this in an inspiring setting.

You may be surprised to learn that in a recent consumer survey, less than a quarter of Australians have ever experienced a photography session.  And of those families who have had any such session, the vast majority were describing their own wedding photography, or quick snaps of their toddlers on Santas’ knee – and that was it!  Nothing for the family itself.  Just think of everyone missing out on the wonderful lighting, the creative portrayal of peoples personalities, and those detailed touches that only an experienced Professional can use to create the best possible images.

A family photography session with all the generations

Booked in advance, sessions often last an hour – so there is plenty of opportunity to capture everyone and everything you want, plus some additional ideas that your photographer will have to add real creativity.  For example, most people taking their own photographs can forget that when two people talk to each other, they can often look the most appealing in a photograph.  After all, if you think about it for a moment, this is how we see and think of our own family members – wide-eyed, expressive, genuine and fascinating .. all at the same time.  So let’s have a look at how a photography session can work for your family.

A family photography session outside, in a warm, colourful and expansive setting

It starts with a chat

We love to talk with you, even before you book your session – so that we can understand a little more about you, and what it is you are after when thinking about wonderful family photographs in your home.  As if anyone needs reminding, there is literally no such thing as a silly question to ask us, as it could be one of the rare times that you manage to get everyone together in one place.  And this is what it’s all about, creating a permanent reminder of this moment in time – with your loved ones around you, and that includes your wonderful pets .. they’re Family too !

At this early stage,  we can discuss a date and time for photography that suits everyone.  This is because we have two important factors to balance here.  Firstly, there is the ideal time for keeping everyone in your family engaged throughout.  Sometimes this is before regular family activities like sport-events, but for others, this may be later in the day, to allow extended family member to travel-in for the session.  Secondly, there is style of photography that we all think makes sense.  Amongst other things, this will influence the time of day that the session starts.  We professional photographers have an important concept of ‘the golden hours’, and it is quite common to recommend session in the first half of the morning or late afternoon, to allow just the right level of lighting to keep everyone looking brilliant and clear.

On the day of the family photography session

The best way to describe how our sessions work is to answer some of our more commonly asked questions.  For example – how long does it all take?  As mentioned earlier, our sessions usually last between 60 and 90 minutes, with about 45 to 75 minutes of actual photography.  But when you come along – it feels a lot quicker than that.

We often start with a simple short walk and talk, gradually encouraging everyone to join in.  That way, we all forget there is a camera clicking away.  Then, we try to create smaller family groups.  Perhaps siblings together, and then individual members one by one.  The idea is always to use the right lighting and overall setting that compliments the personalities involved.  Sometimes, a colourful and large setting suits individuals, bringing out their most playful characteristics.  With others, a more neutral and smaller-scale setting can be more intimate – we find this particularly works with more senior family members.

Rewards and other ideas for ‘relaxing’ all of your family during the session

Of course, no two families are the same, so every session is quite different.  For example, many of our client are fur-families, with 4-legged children instead.  These bring their own dynamic and enthusiasm to how the session works.  For these subjects, we focus on creating photographs that highlight the loving bond between the Pet and their owner – or should that say their ‘staff’!  We use pet-treats as incentive to help hold their attention throughout.  With two-legged children, it’s a great idea to plan your own special rewards for after the session.  It also makes the whole session seem to go faster, and genuinely becomes fun for us parents as much as our little-ones.

There is nothing particularly posed or ‘staged’ about the way you look.  It is all about portraying everything that makes your family uniquely special.   With young children for example, we find ‘engagement’ really happens when they are asked to sing their best-loved songs from nursery.  Sometimes, they relax when they bring their special teddy-bear with them.  This way, our little ones see it as a normal family play-time – bringing out their beaming smiles.  Slow walking with hands loosely joined-together, and talking and laughing with each other is another little ‘trick’.  As a result, even the shyest, or the most self-conscious family members will look great in your family photography session.

Commonly asked questions about our photography sessions

We have our favourite locations, and we often recommend them.  Sometimes, we decide to come your home and garden.  Let’s face it; bringing your teenagers drum-kit in the car may not always be practical !

A family photography session at home

Clothing is usually about keeping tones neutral – avoiding complicating designs on dresses or T-shirts.  At the same time, we like people to wear clothing that represents their own preference.  That way, we can avoid everyone having to dress exactly the same for the photography session.

Bringing with you a cherished toy, or any other sentimental treasure is not just useful for encouraging happy faces. They also help define what makes everyone unique.  As a result, this will shine-out in your family photographs.  Everyone has their own interests – perhaps cycling, footie, hat-making or reading.  As you can see, it doesn’t have to be particularly active – simply your family passion.

Shortly after the session

We usually finish off the session by showing you some creative ways of presenting your family photographs.  These are samples of our most popular beautiful products.  Then, a couple of weeks later, we meet you again – these days using Zoom meetings; and we help you select your favourite images.  You can then choose the best way to present them in your home.  Some families prefer Framed Art Prints, all ready to hang. Others prefer our Custom  Albums, Boxed-Sets, Wooden-Art prints or Canvas-mounted Photographs instead.  All our products are custom made here in Australia.

There is something for everyone – most people don’t have a clear idea of how they want their photographic products.  We will help you choose images and products which suit you best.

More information

If you would like to see some more information on how this all works, you can read our session information, or read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).   To kick everything off, simply call us on 0419 526 442 for a friendly chat.  We have a current special offer – you can book online here.

So there you have it.  A Family Photography Session is a wonderful reason to get your loved ones together.  So why not let us imaginatively portray what makes  you and your family unique and interesting.  We can inspire you all and have a lot of fun in the process.

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We would LOVE to see your loved ones join hundreds of families who have chosen us to create Beautiful Art Work that (literally) lasts a lifetime!


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