What is a Christmas Mini Photography Session ?

What is a Christmas Mini Photography Session ?

Within 20 minutes, we use our purpose-built Festive location as the backdrop for a packed photography session that involves the whole family.  We have plenty of fun-props on-set for children of all ages to engage with, including those very cute canine members.  It a lot of fast-paced fun, and means that even the shortest attention-spans can have grinny laughs throughout 😊

Why a “mini” session

The whole idea of Christmas time is that everyone is buzzing around seeing everyone else, and getting ready for the biggest day of the year.  To say that Families and Fur-Families are time-poor is a complete understatement!

To help Melbourne families out here, we have loads of experience in getting families of all ages and interests to engage with themselves and almost forget the camera is there.  We also have some exceptional lighting equipment that ensures everyone is perfectly lit and flatteringly captured.  You will be looking at these photos for years to come.  They print really large too!  And we also have some special products for you to make things even more fun.  This year we are once again offering these wonderful custom photographic Christmas metal-print ornaments that will bring a smile to everyone year after year when the tree goes up!

Christmas Tree Ornaments by Duet Images

Getting ready for the mini-session

For your most excitable munchkins, we definitely recommend bringing along their most favourite of toys.  After all its part of their personality when their eyes light up with their favourite teddy-bear, toy car or Fairy-Wand.  Talking of Fairies .. let’s not forget kids Costumes.  These work really well too!   Christmas is a time for partying, and to get everyone into the spirit of the season – a good spaceman, wonder-woman or Princess outfit never did anyone any harm 😊

Again, Doggies shouldn’t miss out on the fun.  Hooman’s ‘best-friend’ looks fabulous in a Tu-Tu’s, a sparkly collar and a brightly coloured Santa doggie-Coat.  Oh and Santa Hats .. if they can wear them for just one minute – we can make that work too.  It’s certainly worth a crack!

For our younger children, its always a good idea to have a treat lined up for afterwards.  Sometimes this just helps things along if it all seems too much.  For newborns and older Babies, we strongly recommend a feed and a nap beforehand.  This encourages those cutie-pie grins and glowing cheeks.

Is there really time to photograph everyone in my family ?

There certainly is!  I am an experienced family and pet photographer, creating images of lovely people and 4-legged creatures who may not have a long attention span!  We will immediately get you together in one-group, little-groups and individually, covering all the combinations that mean every side of your unique family is portrayed.  We always nail that extra ‘special shot’, no matter the subjects.

Is it safe for our Pets to come ?

It sure is 😊
We have a completely enclosed and outdoor safe space for Dogs to wander around.  We don’t normally encourage families to bring their Cats to our set, but we certainly have had some calmer felines (on a lead) and their well trained servants ‘on stage’.   We also have an indoor set, which is perfect for our favourite felines.  We’ve also had the odd bunny, bearded dragon and guinea-pig too.  Every little creature deserves a special Christmas photo.

Back to the canines again, we always recommend bringing a bag of their favourite doggie-treats.  Bribery goes a long way we find!  We do have a selection of squeaky toys that will keep them occupied on set as well.   Please feel free to bring along anything else that makes them calm, attentive and happy.

We’ve been before – will it be any different this time ?

Funnily enough, even though we’ve been running these sessions in recent years – it always feels different.  Part of the reason this year is that we now have a very special Christmas fire-side backdrop to set off some specially ordered props for everyone to engage with.  But even though it will feel and look different, we will always ensure that you continue to get that very personal touch,  We always listen hard to what you really want, and we will always do that little bit extra to craft the best family photographs you can imagine.

How many images can we have ?

We don’t count!
Although there are five images already included in your mini-session package, nearly everyone orders extras.  It’s not unusual for people to select half or even more of the images, because they are already selected by us because they are all Fabulous.  They really are timeless memories of when everyone us looking forward to the most special party of the year.  Its super-easy to view and select what you want.  You can highlight your treasured favourites first of all, before choosing what photographs you would like to keep forever.

You can find all the information you need about this years Christmas mini-sessions here.  If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to call or email me, and I can help you with all your Family photography needs.


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