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As your complete family photographer, we also pride ourselves on producing the most stunning memories of those first precious days, weeks and months of your new Baby.  The best photography of a baby is within the first two weeks of their lives.  This is for many reasons, but primarily we find that Newborns are the easiest to pose, and by being less curious about their immediate environment – i.e. you, us and our equipment, they are more ‘static’ and amenable to a photography session.  Many of our babies who are older than this will also be portrayed beautifully and with imagination – we simply have different techniques for bringing out the best in them in a way that you will enjoy for years and years to come.

Our Baby Photography Gallery shows a very small selection of the variety of Art Photography that we portray for you to enjoy!  We think that only YOU know your Baby’s real personality, and we quickly work to listen, understand, and characterise what you appreciate most about your amazing bundle of joy.

Sometimes it is a close-up of their ears or toes, or a setting amongst those brand-new fluffy elephants (!)  It is only through our gentle experience, endless patience and an eye for that ‘instant’ in time; that we are able to portray a ‘look’ that is typical of their everyday lives  All our Baby photography is relaxed, but it is carefully styled as well, with artistic use of light and composition.   In short, you just know that they are great images..!

Depending on your family needs, these Baby sessions typically last 90-120 minutes.  These creative sessions involve plenty of time to relax and interact with each other – in fact everyone will be doing something that they want to do – with nothing ‘stiff’ or ‘unnatural’.

As with all our portrait sessions, images from your session are used to create art-pieces for your home – examples here.  We also have available our precious gift ideas for family photography vouchers

If you would like your Baby to be artfully portrayed by Melbourne’s best Family photographer, simply take advantage of our special offer here to claim your own special photography session and we will be in touch with you!

We look forward to photographing you and your newly extended family soon !

Cheers, Vanessa
Vanessa is a Full member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP)

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