Session Details

Here are some session details to help you make the most of your photography session!


Treat yourselves and enjoy a custom portrait photography session in the comfort of your own home or local location of your choice. Please include your dog, the kid’s bikes, small musical instruments, or any special items, making your images personal to you. Why not have a family picnic during your session? Consider bringing a change of clothes for young children to create a different look.

What happens?

This will be a relaxed session, to create images of you and your family and show the real you. About a fortnight later, you are invited to view your images and choose your favourites. All printed images are enhanced by hand for colour and contrast. They are also retouched so they look their very best! A premium range of products is available to show off the images and preserve your memories for years to come. This includes ‘wall portraits’, ‘box sets’ of mounted photographs and albums. Alternatively, digital packages are available to enable you to purchase your favourite digital negatives.


TO BOOK: simply take advantage of our special offer here to claim your own special photography session and we will be in touch with you!

Limited sessions are available during the weekdays.

Peak weekend times book out in advance.

On Friday late afternoon/evening there is a special ‘twilight session’ to make the most of the beautiful soft light at the end of the day.  The time of this ‘twilight session’, depends on Sunset times and is about 2 hours before sunset.



Clothing tips?

There are absolutely no rules on this! Just keep clothing casual but smart and whatever you are comfortable in … after all we want you to have fun! For Location Portraits, jeans and mid-toned shirts work well! As a family, if you choose similar co-ordinating colours, you tend to look more cohesive as a group!

We recommend you avoid the following:

  • Bold patterns
  • Bold stripes
  • Large logos

This reduces distractions in your photographs. For example, if Dad has a bold stripy t-shirt on, the eye tends to fall on his t-shirt before his face.

Please click here to view some of our recent portraits.

So don’t miss out… simply take advantage of our special offer here to claim your own special photography session and we will be in touch with you!

We look forward to photographing your family soon!

Cheers, Vanessa
Vanessa is a Full member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP)

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