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Everyone raise their paws and say G’day to Misty & Nutz !

Misty is an adorable Ragdoll Lilac Point, with an even milky-white colour throughout .. true to her breed.  She is just 9 months old, and will often be found avoiding cuddles with ‘mum’, but instead chooses cuddles with ‘mums son’ :o)   In those chilly winter evenings. Misty likes nothing more than a snuggle under a family doona.  Misty is SO beautiful, that she is displayed at Melbourne Cat Shows and has achieved several awards.  Before these shows, there is the little matter of ‘bathtime’, an event that Misty is not so keen on.  However, Mummy insists  ;o)   Unfortunately for the rest of her family, 3:00am is her peak play time (!) while during daytime hours, playing can be a sedate event, such as the continuous and intense study of twittering birds through the windows of her residence.

Nutz is every bit as beautiful, and is now nearly 2 years old.  Frequently greeting his Mummy with a head butt, he purrs very loudly whilst eating his favourite Chicken for tea.  He has been nicknamed ‘luck luck dragon’ as he looks like this well-known character while lying on the couch.  Nutz also growls at his ‘blue feather’ toy – maybe he thinks this is an exotic bird he’s caught yet again – who knows!  I must admit, I don’t often hear a cat growl !!

When facing each other, Misty & Nutz will often chit-chat to each other.  Occasionally, Misty will add a ‘cooo’ or two in response …  How cute is that !!

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Cheers, Vanessa

Cat Photography South East Melbourne

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