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Meet Bubby!

To all you cat lovers out there, out your paws together and welcome “Bubby” – the sweetest Devon Rex you could ever hope to meet.  Only 17 months old, he has all his life in front of him, but for some reason isn’t 100% sure he is a feline!?  Apparently, he sometimes thinks he is a dog – because he lives life and loves life with his closest friend, “Manwell” the English Staffordshire Terrier (a Staffy).  Often heard jabbering at the Birds, Bubby is both energetic and friendly at the same time.  To say this was on of my more energetic and playful photography session is putting it rather mildy ;o)

In case you think he is too ‘butch’ however, just remember that his Family walk him outside on a harness, and he has his own specially knitted jumper!  A special trick that Bubby loves to perform is to lie next to Manwell, stare at hum intently,  and wait until his canine friends emits a big-wide Yawn.  At this precise moment in time, Bubby will suddenly extend his neck, cosy up close, and put his feline head inside Manwell’s mouth…!  .. perhaps he is checking teeth ..??!!  And if that Yawn is a prequel to Manwellsnoozing into sleep, that is the cue for Bubby to sleep himself..with his body firmly lying into, and sometimes on top of Manwell!  When playtime is of more interest, Daddy’s should makes for a great launching pad, climbing quickly up the front of Daddy’s shoulder, and then racing down his back again … very quickly.

Bubby also loves tossing his toy mouse into the air, before play-hiding under a Doona.  Actually, while we are on the subjects of Doona’s, when Bubby was a Kitten, he was ‘lost’ to his family for quite a while, getting the whole family quite worried.  This was until his Mummy noticed a tell-tale bump under the Doona in the Bedroom (!)  When not snoozing on Manwell’s warm body, Bubby can be found sleeping in the lounge – before waking up his folks in the dark by walking all over their faces.  If this technique doesn’t work, there is always that other sure-fire way to get a reaction …  making long, slow, noisy slurping sounds while drinking from his folk’s water glasses on the bedside tables.

As I saw for myself while capturing Bubby in action, he also likes playing with small pieces of screwed-up paper, and sitting on Mum’s clipboard while she tries to write pen-pal letters to her human friends and family.

As you can all tell from these photographs, Bubby was clearly ‘up’ for this wonderful session.

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Cat Photography Ferntree Gully

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