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cat Photography MelbourneWow! This guy is such a champ … and royalty too …

We are proud to present the rather splendidly handsome “Yubraj” (phonetically pronounced ‘Yau-Bryg’).  He cheekily entertained the Melbourne Cat Photographer in our recent session ;o)

Without fear of exaggeration, he is a shining example of the Sphynx breed.   Yubraj is a “crowd magnet” at shows.  He is regularly awarded at State and National levels.  Yubraj is already halfway to becoming a National CCCA champion. His showname is “Allura Prince Tuxedo”. Quite understandably, some of his show gear is in royal colours. The name Yubraj is a derivative of the Hindi title “Yuvraj”, meaning Crown-Prince of the King!  Sure enough, this handsome fellow has a calm and dignified temperament and laps-up being the centre of all attention. Very Regal indeed … !!

UPDATE … We must congratulate Yubraj ….

Some exciting news- Yubraj took out Reserve (2nd place) in Cat of the Year and a third in Junior of the Year!

Earlier this year (2015) Yubraj scored 10 Challenges to be inducted to the Chandler Shield of Honor… Yubraj nursed of Diva (his feline sibling) till she died.  Yubraj kept her warm, cleaned her when necessary and provided comfort to an old cat in her last days…  Such maturity from a young “macho” male cat…

Yubraj now has fans interstate, in Queensland and West Australia.  Well done Yubraj! 🙂

At the time of our session, he was just 15 months old!  As a ‘blue/white’ Sphynx, Yubraj has those larger-than-life eyes that taper into a distinctive lemon shape. His sleek face has those prominent cheekbones that are framed by those long (almost bat-like) ears. It would be untrue to say that Sphynx Cats are actually bald. They do have soft-down on the outside of their ears (near the base) and cute little stubbs for whiskers. To the touch are surprisingly warm, soft and cuddly.

Lean and muscled, Yubraj has that characteristic barrel-chest, with almost a ‘pot-belly’ in comparison. I was struck by his thick pads underneath his paws, almost as if he has soft-slippers on at all times! And then of course, his tail elegantly trails off with just the hint of soft-down at the very tip. In a few words, he is “easy to show”.

Yubraj really is quite a character. Yubraj adores almost any elastic toy in his reach, plus any others he can see but “can’t quite reach” :o) He has huge amounts of energy to play and is enormous fun!

He is clearly very ‘smart’. He seems to be able to figure out everyone’s suitability as a friend or neighbour, simply by a cursory glance and instant judge of behaviour. Purring comes naturally to Yubraj. Then when the nights get cold, he simply loves to snuggle-in!

We had a very lively playful photo session with this lovely chap. At regular intervals he decided the area behind the backdrop stand was incredibly interesting and he turned this into quite a game!

Yubraj was taking a keen interest in all that was going on and even helped us a little with the photography 😉

Finally, we would like to say a huge thanks to Essendon Vet Clinic who kindly allowed us to create these images at their clinic. We really appreciated this – thank you.

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Sphynx Cat Photography Melbourne



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