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Meet the lovely Mika!

Mika is wonderfully lively Devon Rex and is only 2 years old!

Her folks describe her as being “very full on personality, she is also extremely sweet when she is one on one, and at times I really think she is a wise old soul.”

She was certainly exceedingly lively during her photography Session and much fun was had by all … including us!

Mika’s family also said “My baby girl has had rough start to life, I brought her home from the breeders two years ago & took four days off work for her to settle in. The second day I had the vet come over to the house as she was really unwell and he didnt hold much hope of her surviving the next few days. For those 4 days she slept around my neck and I did not leave the couch once … then came along the bad skin allergies…  after a lot of trial and error (including moving houses in case it was the carpet/surroundings) I have finally sorted her allergies out and her fur has grown back …”

It was certainly delightful meeting her and seeing the amazingly close bond that she has with her human folks!

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Cat Photography Melbourne Mika

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