Introducing Beatrix!

Cat Photography by the family photographer

Cat Photography by the family photographer

It’s been over ten months now since our precious 20 year old English feline Aslana passed.  Don’t we miss our pets when they are gone.  Our house has seemed so empty without her.  It seems like just yesterday and yet in some ways it seems ages.

We always planned to share our home with new cats, it was just a question of when.

This year we began fostering with Forever Friends  Animal Rescue.  It seemed like a gentle way to put our ‘toe back into the water’, as well as helping some animals needing a temporary home – so I suppose we could help each other.

Anyway, this little ginger kitten arrived with her two siblings.  Her two brothers quickly found loving homes … and this little ginger Beatrix {name is inspired by the English author Beatrix Potter}. … well she found her home with us! Our eyes met, the moment she first came through the front door!

Cat Photography by the family photographer

Cat Photography by the family photographer


Of course with her living with a photographer, it was pretty inevitable that she would get well photographed … and of course precious images should be printed!  So here I sit today, laying out a piece for the wall.

It struck me how much she has changed in the 3.5 months she has been with us.  She is incredibly beautiful in both her looks and personality – but gosh she has changed.  Her tiny little ginger legs are now long and elegant, enabling her to sprint at supersonic speed! Her baby blue kitten eyes are now golden gems that can so easily wrap me around her paw!  Her fluffy ginger kitten coat has evolved into stunning marbled ginger markings!  Quite a few changes and I suppose that’s the value of photography to preserve that.

Beatrix is helping to care for our latest foster kittens.  She is doing a fabulous job being their ‘big sister’ and teaching them lots of mischievious things to do!  Although the special talent Beatrix has for climbing curtains, has not yet been achieved by foster kittens – much to our relief!

Beatrix & I look forward to meeting you soon!

Cheers Vanessa

Cat Photographer Melbourne

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